Advanced Collection Environment

Ace is an OCLC Research project investigating centralized solutions to personal collection management. We plan to have a prototype system operational in the fall of 2001.


General Approach

Ace is a centrally hosted service. This limits us somewhat in the amount of interactivity the Ace files can have with local applications, but offers a number of advantages: Charging will be based on storage use. Use with limited storage will be free during the research project


Relationship to other projects

The Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (which started as a Research project, but is now available to all OCLC cataloging members) was oriented towards the cataloging of electronic resources by libraries. As CORC moved to a productions system the emphasis was primarily on integration of this approach with the standard WorldCat cataloging system.

Ace expects to provide much more customization and full-featured service directed primarily to individuals' collection management problems, features outside the current WorldCat.

Project Ace is a follow-on to the ALCME project which was primarily involved with the OAI Metadata Harvesting Initiative and electronic theses and dissertations (see the ALCME web page).


The following OCLC staff are currently associated with Project Ace:


We are using Feature Driven Development for our project methodology.
Tentative schedule:

2001 August Develop overall model and informal features list
2001 September Detailed plan by feature, start coding cycles
2001 October Usable system up
2001 November System opened up to general use
2002 January End of first development cycle

Features list (in progress)

Architecture (barely started)

Minimal system (in progress)

Other sites

There are numerous Web sites dedicated to collections. Here are a few:

Contact: Thom Hickey
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