Stuart L. Weibel

Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Office of Research
Selected Publications

last modified: July 20, 1996
The Warwick Metadata Workshop: A framework for the deployment of resource description.
Lorcan Dempsey and Stuart Weibel, DLib Magazine (July/August, 1996)

Metadata: The Foundations of Resource Description
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The Changing Landscape of Networked Resource Description
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Trends in World Wide Web Development: May 1995
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The World Wide Web and Emerging Internet Resource Discovery Standards: The Technology of Distributed Access to the Scholarly Literature
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Making a Digital Library: The Chemistry Online Retrieval Experiment
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An Architecture for Scholarly Publishing on the World Wide Web
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Automatic Descriptive Cataloging: Implications for Libraries and Patrons
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Automated Document Architecture Processing and Tagging
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Automating Descriptive Cataloging
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Automated Document Architecture Processing and Tagging
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